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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Just Do It!!!

I am so excited it is Saturday!!!! I get to sleep in, even if only til 8am, thats four,4, FOUR, extra hours of sleep for me, I feel so good.

I did need to be up by 8am though, my oldest is doing baseball camp at Railcats Stadium (the reason we are not camping this weekend). The camp is only 9:30-12:30 and doesn't take or add much to my day I was actually looking forward to going and watching and sitting and reading and sipping on coffee or pop (sounds relaxing to me)..... My husband had other plans, he is going to an auction. So, now we give the other kids the option of going with mommy or going with daddy, the statement "if you want to have any kind of fun you need to go with mommy" given by my husband to both children steered them right to their choice!!! What I don't understand is what isn't fun about going to a motor sport auction, quads, scooters, dune buggies? Anyway so it goes from two to four in a split second, no big deal I take it in stride and still plan on doing the same: sitting, sipping, watching and reading. Now, I realize that the Post Office needs me to pick up a package and in the same area I need to drop off a bill. I can still get in all the rest, I just need to drop off Adam first, go to downtown Hobart and go back and continue. Did I mention my house is trashed!!!! OK so can you feel the anxiety beginning, take it in stride Chrissy, I tell myself. I look out the back door and our ring pool is GREEN. Gosh, I am still in the planning stage, I have not left and I have not moved to far yet. OK SO after I drop off Adam at Railcats, go to downtown Hobart, come back to the Stadium, sit, sip, watch and read, then we will go to Walmart pick up what we need to change the color of the pool, buy cleaning supplies and then we can go home, clean and relax. I can do this, and still relax.

I take a minute put things in perspective, prioritize and change my attitude.

It is not what I would call a good attitude at this time . Pray, PRAY. Good attitude back, taking it all in stride, I am still Thankful for Saturday and that regardless of the reason all 3 children want to be with me. I tell myself "they miss me, like I miss them".

So the plan is now set in motion, we are on our way. We drop off Adam, we go to Hobart; huge sidewalk sale all over Downtown ok, I can get stuff done and still find a deal, we are in and out no time. Back to the stadium, I sit, sip Pop, read (the rest of my book I have been trying to read for 3 months now), and watch all 3 of my children enjoy themselves. Up to this point good! We move toward Walmart with everyone, make it through, spend too much money and too much time and head home.

The planning stages sounded horrible and I didn't even want to continue, but when it all played out, it worked out fine, I realize I put way to much in the planning and worrying!! Not so much the part of cleaning my house, maybe the cleaning fairy will have to come earlier this week to give me a hand!! Have I mentioned how much I enjoy having the help!


  1. Good for you! It sounds like you accomplished a lot today. Me, not so much. I've had family staying withe me for the past 2 weeks. They left this morning...and I crashed. This is how my day went...sit on the couch and check mail and blogs on laptop. Go to bedroom and lay on bed to watch movie with kids. Go back to couch and read for a little bit. Back to bed to watch all our shows we dvr'd last night. Yep, you guessed it...back on couch with laptop again! I'm glad someone is getting something go, Chrissy!

  2. I am so proud of you, Lisa, for empowering yourself for well deserved relaxation!! It does take so much energy to entertain, even when our company is relaxing and we are supposed to be relaxing with them, we are planning and concerning and not really resting with them!! Good job!!

  3. That always seems to happen to me, just as I'm thinking I'm going to have a nice quiet time at the grocery store, there are tears at the door, wanting to go with me. They have some sort of radar or something.