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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

alright, so this is how my kids are used to "camping". This week they are going "tent" camping. I can't remember when my dad last took a full week of vacation, all at once!!! I am so thankful my kids do get to go on vacations this summer, even if I don't get vacation yet!!!!!!!!
They are leaving today, Tuesday, for a week of kind of planned out kind of not, (fly by the seat of our pants, my dad said) vacationing, here there and a few other places. Please keep them in your prayers, for safe and happy "Tent Camping"
Oh by the way, the extra kid, the one in the orange shirt, is one of our friends.


  1. How fun for your kids! They will have such great memories of camping with Grampa. Besides, tent camping is "real" camping. There's nothing like lying awake listening to critters scratch on your tent walls, and watching bugs climb up and over the top of your tent. Not to mention waking up with that covered-in-dew feeling. Oh yeah, I love to camp!

  2. Your kids are going to have a blast :-) How fun!

  3. This will be a vacation that they remember for the rest of their lives! Man, sure would be nice if somebody would take my kids on vacation with them!