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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sorry for my rambling.....

Isn't it great how kids can move on and just laugh and have a good time!! It seems like they let go of things so much easier, at least while they are young. A good lesson, it is ok to be upset, or to be hurt, it is not ok to continue to dwell on it and allow the circumstances to take away the joy we find in other things.

Right now I am letting go of work and the stuff that happened, to the constant fighting to earn the position I desire at work and I am going to enjoy the laughter of my children and their friends!!!

They are so happy to have the end of the day, the jammies time and get ready to lay down and watch a movie. I think as loud as they can be at times they enjoy the quiet time of rest!! Or maybe it is the structure they enjoy of knowing what happens next and being obedient by doing what is expected!!! No wonder I find peace in my routine, I am doing what is expected and being obedient and honoring my father!!!!

It is getting easier to smile and laugh, and get relaxed.

My youngest child was so happy when I returned home from work today (I thought something had gone wrong at home today). He, only 6, grabbed the phone and called his best buddy and said "put your mom to talk to my mom." I am given the phone, to hear another mom being forced on the phone and say "I'm not sure what is going on, but Mitch would not take no for an answer." Her reply was that her son was having a birthday party and sending out invites and wanted to make sure the information she was given earlier was correct, it was, I confirmed and hung up. I immediately called my husband to tell him the story of our youngest (our older two were barely ever on the phone at this age, matter of fact they have only in the past year began making plans and having conversations on the phone) I remember how to laugh now, I remember how to enjoy home and forget the junk that doesn't really matter right now. What happens at work stays at work!!!


  1. Chrissy,
    Welcome to blogging!! I can see already that you're a natural :-)
    My kids teach me lessons all the time too. I love your description of how they get upset but they get over it fast!! That speaks volumes to me. Sometimes I beat myself up for getting upset at all, but I don't think that is the problem. The problem is staying upset!! What a great reminder our kids can be for the "stuff" we're already supposed to know. Your blog looks great. I look forward to reading more.
    Mom on a Mission

  2. Love the blog! It definitely describes your family. Looking at that picture and reading about you guys, I miss you all the more! Hey, when do we get to go camping with you?? Keep writing, and I'll keep checking in.