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Friday, April 25, 2008

The unmatched white sox

For years, I have done the laundry and the cleaning, pretty much, by myself. But, over the past couple years, hubby has really joined in. I can tell you, truthfully, that I do less cleaning and laundry than him!! My schedule is crazy and I work all shifts, in the same week, yes, midnights, afternoons and days all in the same week, ughhh!! Tonight I am trying to stay awake, just a bit longer so I can nap during the day, and still not miss Adam's first baseball game of the season!

Alright, alright, to the point. I walk in this evening to be greeted by more than just a dog and four people sleeping very well, hubby waited up. He helped unload the groceries and put them away while I ate and walked the dog (something I look forward to). After all that, I heard the dryer, "ding-ding, ding-ding to hear my hubby reply "all the laundry is done, and we don't have to do any laundry over the weekend, all the baskets are empty!" I go on about my business, checking email and blogs and hubby goes on watching TV! I then go to the dryer and empty it and open the washer, OhHH, it really is the last load, it is done, right now! So, I empty and fold and look down at another basket, it is full of socks! I say "oh yeah, you don't fold socks!" Hubby replies, "I mated my own, but no!" So I continue to fold the clothes from the dryer and then move on to the socks. I now find socks, relaxing to mate, except at the end when I find the "leftovers" the ones that didn't mate and I remember the last time I mated I also had "leftovers" and I need to go get those.

But, I see a bloggy moment. How much my life has changed. From being burdened by that last load of laundry, because I know, that in less than twelve hours someone will change and POOF moooooore laundry and the socks are never totally mated! To now, let me mate these and get the other basket and match those and than throw the unmatched in the garbage!!!!!!

HA! Laundry has an end point, or not, I changed clothes, sorry hubby!!!
My life has completely changed!
And if you don't believe how fast your babies grow up right in front of you, you have another thing coming. My babies are, technically, no longer babies, they are children and preteens and almost teenagers!
One thing that hasn't changed, is those unmatched, unmated, WHITE SOCKS!!

you know what I mean!?


  1. Oh I totally get this post. It is just hubby and me in the house since our kids are grown and gone and I still have unmatched white sox! I do believe there is a sox napper somewhere out there. It is so great that you get so much help. Working shifts are no fun. Hang in there, you are doing a great job.

  2. I think the dryer eats em. =P You are doing a great job, love. I always love your perspective. It does all go so fast! xxoo.