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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Since the Move

I have noticed changes since we have moved.
Remember how scared and nervous I was to move?
Now, I walk the dog around our property every evening I am home. I would have never done this in the neighborhood. I just enjoy the quiet time and seeing the wide open night sky. Sometimes, I can convince a kid or two to go with me and once in a while I am accompanied by hubby. I think twice they have all joined me!
Now, if I am home in the morning, I walk the younger kids out to meet their bus and yes the dog comes too!
Now, I laugh a little more and my shoulders are coming down from my ears!
I will tell you, I miss my neighbors! I miss walking across the street to have a cup of coffee or a sit on the front porch with neighbors. I miss that community I had. I love where I am, but it is different.
The kids have changed too. They play outside waaaaay more often, even when it is frigid! I have shared with you quite a few of their changes. School is coming along and friends are being made. They are all enjoying most of the changes!
Most everything has gone well, a few glitches in the road, but mostly GOOD!


  1. Glad you are settled in and loving the wide open spaces. It's great that your kids are doing so well with the changes too.

  2. Space sounds nice. Although, with more land comes more yardwork! The Mongold's are not known for our lanscaping skills.
    I'm glad you are settling in and enjoying the changes.

  3. I'm so glad you are settling in and enjoying your new home. It takes a while.

  4. It does take a while. I'm impressed you were close to your neighbors. I'm never ever close to my neighbors. I must give off a vibe, but in all honesty we all see to be the same way. I sorta love it and I sorta hate it. =P

  5. Your new home sounds wonderful, but there is always a little longing for the old too, isn't there.