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Monday, April 21, 2008

More weird and Random about who? OH, Me!!

Amy over at My Wonderful Men tagged me for seven weird and random things about me.

But I already told you:

what could possibly be left!!! Ha Ha, this is easy, peasy!

2. I never watch scary movies! I have never seen any Jaws movies, never any Chainsaw Massacre movie and never any Friday the 13th movies and never saw Halloween. I have never liked them, I don't like the uptight feeling I get while watching!

3. I enjoy going out to dinner and/or a movie all alone!

4. I hate my toenails being even slightly long! I like them as nubs and clip them as soon as they start to grow!

5. Our dryer, at the old house, was vented by the front door and we are constantly doing laundry (like everyone else in the US with children) so when you walked up to our front door, there was the smell of fabric softener and clean clothes that greeted you! I miss that!

6. I wish I would have let people touch my stomach when I was pregnant. I see what they were looking for! I don't miss being pregnant, I just wish I would have shared more!

7. I love a fire at night! If it is with a large group of people, just our family, just me and hubby, I love to watch the fire! I have been known to light a fire by myself!!!

This was fun and easy! Just what you wanted more crazy, weird, random facts about me!!


  1. I don't watch scary movies either...You look so cute sitting on that big toy.

  2. You always impressed me with how comfortable you are with yourself, and how you like to go places all by yourself. Sometimes I'll go to the coffee shop with a book, but I've never gone out for a meal by myself. I like hearing random things about others.

  3. I don't go out alone anywhere, that is great that you are able to do that for yourself.
    I too hate scary movies.
    Thank you for playing, it's fun to read about each other.