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Thursday, August 13, 2009

We, as a family, have been through quite a few changes in the passed 3 years! Most of them have been good changes, well, wait, I believe all of the changes have been good, you know how God works: All things together for the greater good, of those who love HIM!!
There was one day recently that was both, amazing, happy and sad! I took Adam to the Dr for, what seemed to be "swimmers ear". All three of the kids had been "tent" camping with my dad, Grampa Pat, last week.
Adam went to the Dr and was weighed and measured. The day before this, I went to a wedding with Adam and noticed that even with my "heels" on I had to look up to him! Adam noticed the height difference also, but Me, being the awesome Mom that I am, told Adam he was out of his mind, he was not taller than me and it was just him "making things as he wanted!"

The nurse put this dispute at rest, as soon as she said "ok, you are 5'8"! Adam revelled in the joy of being "taller than mom" and joked about how his Dad isn't far away now! My heart went to go dial a number, the number the upset mommy's call when their heart sinks and is saddened and leaps and is full of joy, all at the same time!

Adam, at this same instance, was already dialing Auntie Polly, my cousin and friend! He quickly told her about his amazing growth and me and my mind were brought, almost 2o years ahead, where we are today!
This kid is literally growing up far too fast for me!!


  1. I am struggling with the fact that Marissa will be 15 in about a month. She has surpassed my shoe size, and buys most of her own stuff with money she's made babysitting. Wow. You blink and they've grown up.

  2. I know that is a funny feeling when you children start getting taller than you, but, as you say, exciting at the same time! What a nice looking young man.