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Thursday, August 27, 2009


The kids are all back at school. I now have 2 in middle school and only one in elementary, wow, when did they all grow up? I know I saw them grow, I just can't believe they have come this far, right before my eyes! As fast as they are growing up, is as fast as things are changing and then also proves how much more growing up we all still have ahead of us!
yep, I said it, we all have alot of growing up to do!
I am finding that maturity isn't something we come upon one day and have reached, it is an ongoing life lesson. Some of the life lessons are neat and fun to go through and anticipated, but the older I get, the more I realize, sometimes this maturity thing hurts! Then I look back to being a child and a teenager and I realize, it has always been this way, just when we are children and teenagers it is more predictable, because we have our parents with us everyday and as parents, we not only give guidance but discipline and strong direct guidance! As I "grow up" I have way more freedom to make my choices and in doing so, when I make the wrong choice the consequences hurt even more! Ouch!
I have had two interviews at work in the passed two weeks and the first one, you know about, I didn't get it! The second interview, I am still waiting on the results! I know I'll be ok with either decision, but a change is exciting to me! I have had a recent change at work with my schedule, I get to work one shift all week, every week! After working 3 shifts every week for 2 years, I am ready and so is my body! I love normal routines. That being said, I already am going through change at work and I am excited, I get to work with the same group of people everyday and several them are good teachers! This group of people have alot to teach and the will to do it! I have already learned so much from them in my 2 days a week for the passed two years, can you imagine what I can learn from them in the near future, working everyday with them!
Wow, I am excited, either change is good! I have mixed emotions, as you can see! I want OUT of where I am right now and I want to STAY where I am right now!
No worries, it's in God's Hands and I am there also, resting and waiting!
I'll let you know what the decision is as soon as I know!

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  1. You look so good, Chrissy! I think I'm the only mom who doesn't take "first day of school" pics of the kids. I thought about it, but with their first day, my first day, and a showing all on THE first day of school...wasn't going to happen! I do need to get a pic of them soon though. They look so much older too! I have a freshman! In highschool! That'll make your head spin with "where has the time gone?"
    Hoping your kids have an awesome school year, and so glad to hear that work is going well for you!