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Monday, July 14, 2008

My Favorite Things............

Don"t you just love it when good family is around!! These are my cousins, we grew up with them. My mom tried to always have them around. My cousin Shane (on the left), my cousin Polly (the middle) and their brother, my cousin, Keith (on the right). I love having them around and enjoying themselves. OK, Your right I am tearing up ready to cry!!!
Larry with Ava on the sexy tractor (with a few more kids)!! Ava waits for the tractor to "wake-up" every morning, she waits patiently and excitedly, to ride! She is a doll!!

I so love having family around! My cousin Shane and Her family traveled a long, long way to be with us! I'll be sharing even more soon!
We are trying to cram so much into a short visit!!
I think it is the best when both wives get along and the husbands get along and then you add kids and they just go, they get along so well. It's like they belong together, like they have always been together, like they work well together, Oh my favorite things!!!


  1. What fabulous pics!!! I'm so glad you're having fun. And that lil Ava is such a cute munchkin!

  2. Ava is a cutie! It looks like you're enjoying your vacation. That is awesome. I'm sorry you missed the bloggy meet-up. It was last Sat. (the 12th.) From your comment I couldn't tell if you were asking me to meet you for coffee this weekend, or if you just really needed some now:-)
    I'm open for coffee anytime. In fact, a friend and I just closed out the Starbucks. Like, they turned the outside lights off and the manager told us we could stay sitting there, but it would probably be safer to leave. Such a party animal I am!

  3. Family IS the greatest! Isn't it fun to reconnect with relatives you don't get to see all the time? I can tell it was a wonderful time.

  4. Sorry I post below on the wrong one so I'm going to try again.

    Sounds like you all had a wonderful time together.

    That's what family is for!

  5. Hey, I got your message about meeting...Sorry but I won't be available, but maybe another time soon...Looks like you guys really had a lot of fun in these pictures.

  6. It is so great to have people like that in your life, everyone needs relationships like that.

    Looks like fun!