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Saturday, July 26, 2008

And the next day...

We head to Six Flags. I never did purchase the Flash pass and found we didn't really need it. We had a blast. Seperated into groups and on our way! So much fun. Yaya is very very brave she rode all the rides I rode! After the first one, which Nana also rode, I heard a little voice say "AWESOME"! All I could do was laugh! Yaya was so thrilled to ride the Superman when we were done, she said "AWESOME"! The start of a very good day!
We head to a few more rides and then it is time to meet the rest of our group for lunch or whatever! It was so hot, why not have lunch in the water park! "J" stuck with us, unlike a teenager, all the way! She was so much fun! And LOOK it is a teenager smiling and she was with adults and little kids alllllll day!!! Fun for all!Before I knew it, it was myself and two other adults, constantly counting to six! Six kids, some of which were nervous about water slides but didn't want to miss out! Sometimes they changed their minds on the way up but by the time they got to the top, they changed their minds again and when they were at the bottom they were always the first ones to say "let's go again!" 5 hours later, we are hungry and it is time for the water park to close! All of us went to meet up again and decide our destinations! Some for roller coasters only, some for games rides that weren't big roller coasters and some head home! Everyone had some fun and all were willing to help out the younger ones!!!Well let me tell you Ava had a blast a Wiggle World, although I never got to see it, I sure did enjoy seeing the pics and video and hearing the stories. She "stalked" Dorothy the Dinosaur and How dare her want to rest and get out of the heat.
Yaya rode the Raging Bull and did NOT like it at all! Mommy guilt sets in, the only ride she didn't like and cried, sorry Yaya!
My Grandma even joined us at Six Flags, how fun is that.
Some of us did not hold up as well in the heat, he probably should have been in the lazy river all afternoon, but was looking for sleep and a/c!
Somehow one of these kids got away with only this picture, hmmm, how did he do that!!
Still most of all, it was just good to have and good day, and tons of fun with friends (family)!!


  1. You have been one busy lady this summer. Looked like a totally fun, hot day with family.

  2. Theme parks can be sooo much fun but soooo tiring. And with SIX kids? I assume fun but EXHAUSTING!

    Glad you had a great time. (I admire your grandma that she went too!)

  3. You are so much more fun than I! Looks like you had lots of fun. I can't believe how big Mitch is.
    Summer is almost over, and we still haven't gotten together. We need to remedy this soon!!

  4. I haven't been to Six Flags in about 6 years. It looks like fun!

  5. 6 kids, one teenager...glad I missed this one!!!!

  6. WHAT FUN!!! I love theme parks!

  7. What a fun day you had. Great pics too!


  8. I haven't been to 6 Flags in forever!!!