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Saturday, July 19, 2008


We celebrated this little Man's Birthday recently and all enjoyed!! I am not sure that I have ever seen this little guy unhappy or unenergized!! He is always ready and always on! Leo is such fun to be around, his smile is contagious and he is very tall for his young age of 3!

Ava also enjoyed the Birthday! She is so taken away by the many "things" we have to do around here! She has been so excited by all the little rides and fun stuff! She has surely enjoyed herself and her time in the States!
Sometimes we celebrate on time and sometimes we are a little behind!
Happy Birthday LEO!!
I leave you with a small piece of our entertainment.... I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


  1. Leo and Ava are sure cuties! That video is great. It's not often that you see animals at the zoo play like that.
    Wed. morning works for me, but Thur. I have plans. Let me know.

  2. What a cute little boy! Where are they from? Outside the US?

  3. So cute. I really enjoyed that video but felt bad for that poor little one getting his head bit...LOL...Leo and Ava are adorable.

  4. My kids went to the Brookfield Zoo early in the summer and said that those Gorillas were doing the same thing. Guess they always put on a good performance!!

  5. Leo loves the video...he kept giggling as he watched it! Thanks!

  6. Happy Birthday Leo!! What cutie pies!