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Monday, May 11, 2009

I laughed so hard..

He can't ride a two wheel bicycle, so why did we let him try the scooter? Don't know but he had fun! First he had to put on a helmet and the only one available, was a pink flowery helmet. So daddy carefully put it on his head, so that Mitch wouldn't see it! Then Mitch sat for a minute and asked us all about the helmet and not one of us would answer! He jumped up to look at it in the camera and in the little view finder the helmet looked white! He's going to be mad!

I must warn you his words aren't all very nice!


  1. You need to send this in to funniest videos...Bless his heart! He gave it a good try.

  2. over and over he tried! The part I keep in mind is that he was more concerned over the color of the helmet!!