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Thursday, May 7, 2009


During the month of May, in our family, there are quite a few celebrations.
Starting on May 1st! We celebrate Yaya's Birthday!
Then we move to May 6th! May 6th is Papaw's Birthday and many of our close friends also have the same Birth date! Too much fun!

We celebrated Papaw and Windy's Birthday, just this past Sunday and it was so much fun! I really enjoy getting the family together and just spending time.

My MIL is awesome and she brought all ALL the food, all I had to do was get the house ready and bake a cake! Of course the cakes weren't ready on time and I had to mix up the icing to put on the cakes. That proved to be fun for everyone, I always forget how much everyone likes to lick the batter bowls! I don't like it, so if the kids aren't around I usually just wash it out and keep on moving. I was reminded that most people do like to lick the spoon and the bowl! Too funny!

Gramma had to step in and help Papaw out a little!
Then we move to Today, May 7th! This is my Wedding Anniversary! 15 years! We make a pretty good team!

As I have said before, every year and every moment wasn't easy, but every single one is worth the effort we both put in! Sometimes, he puts in more effort and energy and sometimes I do! We have common goals. So it does make life together, easier. We have had our times, where we don't agree and our moments where we have really pushed each other to the limits, looking back they are mostly moments of good growth for us as a couple!

Happy Anniversary to my Hubby!

Now, Add in Mother's Day! Wow! And Still more this month!

Celebrations are plentiful this month!


  1. Happy Anniversary sugar to you and hubs. YOu guys made an adorable pair!!!!!

  2. ooops...make an adorable pair, not made. I need to get some sleep!

  3. Happy Anniversary. May you have many more healthy, happy years!