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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Quick updates:

Papaw came home from the hospital on Father's Day. He is still recovering. We really don't know anything new just yet, except that he continues to do better. Continue to pray for a quick recovery, good results on all lab tests, his new bladder works as intended, good guidance from the Doctor's and good decision making skills, and peace of mind for both MIL and FIL!

All that grass, on our property, it GROWS!! and it doesn't mow itself! Looking for a good tractor, until then we use a 48" push behind, little by little the job gets done!

I pushed on the glass in the sun room and broke it, causing myself to get cut requiring 4 stitches! Silly me, did I really need that window to latch??

Kids summer break is going very well and they are having fun. They are getting really good at making plans with friends! And earning money to go to Six Flags!! They have already been to the zoo and playing tons of baseball!

Hubby passed a test for a new job, a little scary! He is very smart and very concerned about the current situation of residential construction, a new and exciting adventure, interesting!

Not much camping hoping to get some in soon.

No GYM these days, hanging with the kids is more fun but mowing the lawn just isn't enough exercise!
I'll catch up more later!


  1. wow wow wow! When it rains it pours! Glad to hear things are better with pawpaw!

  2. Oh, Chrissy! I hope you get to relax soon. A camping trip is just what you need!

  3. SUCH great news about Papaw, girlie. AND good luck to hubby. **Deep Breath's** Take fixins for a martini on that camping trip, kay?? That's a lot going on. xo.

  4. Glad to hear your Pawpaw came home.

  5. Yes, it really is me visiting!! =)

    I can sure relate to this post. God is good and always in control.

    We'll mow the lawn together!