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Monday, June 9, 2008


The people in blog world have been such a great support system! With that I ask for even more support, prayers and bloggy-love!

My Father-in-law went in for surgery this morning. He has been battling bladder cancer for quite some time, 14 years or more. Last April, he received a brand new bladder, made out of his own intestine! Great! I thought the source of the cancer would be gone! This brand new bladder has been a source of new issues, training the intestine molded to be a bladder how to be a bladder and scar tissue that has had to be removed and this time surgically removed. When the surgeon went in, it was discovered that one of my FIL kidneys had been covered in tumors, not sure if it is cancer or not, so they removed it! The surgeon didn't look at the other kidney and now it is a waiting game! My MIL is at the hospital with my FIL and they have battled this together all the way! They have prayed and been there for each other the entire way! Anyway, our family desperately needs your prayers and those of other believers you know that will pray for a stranger.
My FIL is an amazing man, father, papaw and father-in-law! He has been there for our family throughout so many things! He loves without fail and without question! Papaw, as he is lovingly known in our family, has been a source of strength and kindness!
Also, behind Papaw is an amazing woman we call Grandma! She is absolutely awesome! She has been a rock throughout this entire stupid thing! Grandma does what needs to get done and doesn't complain. When asked what can I do, she simply says pray! So I pray and my family prays and she goes on! She stays with him in the hospital and nurses him back to health, she is a source of strength, prayer and believing for our entire family! She is there for papaw every step of the way, even the middle of the nights and I haven't heard her complain about it! Grandma also needs your prayers. Grandma is so needed by Papaw and by all of us!
God has been amazing throughout all of this battle and he continues to BE! God is awesome and always answers prayers. Our God is our source of strength and perseverance. Pray and believe with our family for a total recovery, for strength, for wisdom and discernment for good choices for comfort for Grandma and Papaw and for good rest while in the hospital, for a good functioning bladder and for Doctors who believe in God and His miracles and for an overall AWESOME outcome!


  1. cYou and your family will definately be in prayers!

  2. Sending prayers your way. Hope all will be well for Papaw and Grandma!

  3. I'll be praying. Oh, and I made it through pilates, and line step today. Line step is tough!

  4. Prayers for Papaw & Grandma are being sent. My dad just underwent bladder surgery, but all is well. I just pray that God will give the family strength and healing to Papaw's body. He sounds like a wonderful person.

  5. Prayers for your Papaw and the rest of the family.

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