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Sunday, March 20, 2011


Watching my children, doesn't mean I'm waiting for them to do something wrong......
It means I'm watching, I'm there, I'm available and I care!
Sometimes I get to watch as one of them, takes a situation and handles it. 
Sometimes I get to watch one of them care for another human being.....
sometimes, that person is even a sibling.
But I do watch and I do enjoy those beautiful moments!
I do watch and give correction and discipline when necessary!
But I'm here watching, available and caring.
I'm watching for the good, beautiful, ugly.
Sometimes, I'm just there to watch and not give any feedback.
Sometimes, I jump in right away.
Its whatever is needed in that kiddos life, at that moment!

I watched the other day as Adam took time for a child, he didn't even know and devoted time and energy to him........
I just watched and smiled!

I'm very thankful to be there to "watch"! 

I am there to watch when correction needs to take place.  I'm here and watching!

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