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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cutting Mustard

As I came to the computer to blog, I was prepared to write on something positive, on the differences of each one of my kiddos.  But when I sat down, this came flooding out of my fingers and I didn't stop it!
So how does everyone do it?  How do you keep a clean house?
How is it that you are a full time Mom and keep your house to perfection, including totally dusted??
(when I was a stay at home Mom, people expected so much of me and I had to tell the kiddos all the time "I'm a Mom, not a maid)
How is it that you manage a job and a household?
I really don't know how people manage both well!  If I'm doing one right, I'm doing the other one wrong!!
How is that I can walk into your house and its clean, totally clean, right down to the dusting and everything in it's place???
I CAN'T do it, it's impossible!!  Even as I sit here and blog, I barely have enough energy to blog, let alone cleaning something!!
How do you all do it??
I have been to so many, of my friends houses, that are so immaculate!!  How do you do it??
Enquiring minds want to know, or at least I do!!
And how do you do it, without the help of the kiddos??
Or do you do it with the help of kiddos??
Do your kids have chores?
My kiddos have chores and please don't tell my kiddos if your kiddos do not have chores!! (That's just something they don't need to know and neither do I)!
I can't keep up, I can't keep it immaculate, even if everyone is doing their part!
It's lived in, ALWAYS, lived in!!
Even if we are planning a major party our house shows signs of LIVING IN IT!
Then you add the fact that I set my kitchen on fire, at the end of November, and we are living out of boxes and through construction!!  YEA, WE HAVE A LIVED IN HOUSE!!
There is always laundry to be done and even if I stay up to conquer all of it, someone does NOT walk out of the house in their PJ's and POOF there is a load of laundry!!
There's dog hair on the floor!  I think, dream, of not having dogs and then I'm sad!!!  My family is SAD!!  So the dog hair stays!
There is always dishes to be washed and they are on the counter, in the sink, in the dishwasher (if I'm lucky), on the table and in a room somewhere!!
There is always a sink or toilet or a shower that could use a scrubbing!!
So tell me, PLEASE, how do you do it?? 
Do you have Super Woman energy? 
Do you have Wonder Woman powers? 
Do you have Samantha's Nose??  What is it? 
Do you have an Alice?? 
Or do you deprive yourself of sleep and eating??


  1. Heck no! My house is a wreck, and I only work part-time. I can honestly say it's probably been 2 months since my house has had a 'real' cleaning. It desperately needs to be cleaned, but the only time we can fit that in the schedule is the weekends, and frankly, I need the weekend to not DO anything. For my health and my sanity. So, if you were to come to my house today, you would see back packs and instruments and papers and receipts and dirty dishes and laundry and dust and general dirt ALL over my house. And I don't give a fig! Ok, that's not true. I DO care, just not enough to make myself do it. Or fight with the kids to help. So it will stay dirty until my cold goes away, or my OCD will not allow me to live in this filth any longer.

  2. Well I have NEVER been know for an immaculate house...whether I work out of the home or stay home? If I work outside I am just to tired to finish the house work (when I was younger this would bring me to tears) and If I am home I am always starting some new project and there are messes everywhere! Yes My kids have chores! I think work ethic is taught. I think that those that have a clean house...well maybe that is there passion?? Like how I am always starting some kind of project, My family is happy...for the most part and I try to ask myself in the big scheme of things when standing before God do you think he will question if you have a pile of laundry or a heap on your kitchen table?? I think the focus will be more on you were tired and I(God) provided a bed, did you use it so you could be a better wife and mother and friend or did you stay up the extra hour and clean your floor so that you(me not YOU) could be grouchy to your family in the a.m.?? May be way off on my thinking but it helps me get through.

  3. LISA, I'm amazed at how different you are from the Lisa I met 11 years ago!! I'm blessed to have you as a friend!! Keeker, your right on!! I know the legacy I want to leave and it has NOTHING to do with an immaculate house!! It has everything to do with a HOME that is welcoming, respectful, dedicated, delightful, friendly and most of all loving!! So yea, in the GRAND SCHEME of things......I need to let it go! n But every once in a while, I have to let it go!!