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Saturday, August 30, 2008

This may or may not work...

We have intermittent Internet service!!! The company continues to try to fix our problem, but every time they call and say "it's fixed" I call back and say no it isn't! Not only the Internet but we have intermittent static on our phone line! Unbelievable, sometimes it is clear as a bell and sometimes you can't hear a word the other person on the line is saying! Hang in there with me, I miss my blogging, it is good therapy for me and like keeping a journal!
Quickly, before my Internet goes out I have a couple of Birthdays to share:
Kylie has turned 13! The big T (teenager) wow! I had the privilege of sharing part of her summer with her! She is one amazing young lady. Let me just share a little. She has lived, in her short 13 years so many different places and has visited so many more. She speaks highly of London. She is so intelligent, she has taught me so much. I understand she and school "click" very well, she is responsible for her own homework and studying. I watched her be a big sister this summer and she truly amazes me, although, I am sure her brother and sister get on her nerves, she doesn't show it, very often! She is a passionate young lady and is finding her own way in this crazy world, with Mom and Dad's help. She dares to be different and it doesn't even phase her, she isn't afraid of who Kylie is and will be and the journey there.
I have found that there are things about Kylie that remind me of me and there are things that are far different from me, and it is easy to celebrate all of it with her. She loves a good time and doesn't like beans anymore!
One story I remember about this summer is when I was watching her and how she enjoys dressing and all at once, it came to me, the time was right, and gosh I hope she enjoys this as much as I have. I have been hanging on to a leather coat for years, one of a few things I just couldn't just give to anyone. This was the right person and the right time, I hoped she would like it. Picture this (since I don't have a pic of her in it): July 6Th, hot, sunny, she is wearing jeans and a black t-shirt and outside at our big picnic and wearing, with all the pride in the world, my Harley Leather Jacket, with quilting on the inside, made for winter. She did not want to take it off. EXACTLY how I felt when I was given that coat! Amazing the coat has come full circle for me, it was given to me at a time when I was trying to discover my way and figure out who I was going to be and didn't care what other's thought of my journey and now it has been passed on! I know it is only a symbol but it was an amazing moment in my life!
Anyway, back to Kylie, She is an amazing young woman and I am truly honored to be a part of her life and love to watch and be a part of her journey in life. I know one day Kylie is going to be an amazing young woman and watch for her, she is going to be one amazing person!!

I didn't mention she was gorgeous, because you can see that for yourself!

And also, Auntie Polly! This woman is amazing! She is now a nurse and raising a 16 year old and a 4 year old! Can you imagine. She is fun loving and kind and caring. I absolutely love her and am truly impressed by her perseverance and her tenacity! She continues to beat the odds and is not only an impressive woman but an even more incredible mom!

Happy Birthday Polly!

I would share a picture, but she doesn't let anyone take any of her!!!


  1. Glad your back if only for a moment. I hope it's for good, and they figure it out.

  2. Chrissy -- Such a beautiful, loving post -- just like you are a beautiful, loving person.